at bay

at bay
forced to turn and face attackers (Freq. 4)

a stag at bay


she had me cornered between the porch and her car


like a trapped animal

Syn: ↑cornered, ↑trapped, ↑treed
Similar to: ↑unfree

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AT A DISTANCE, away, off, at arm's length.

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at bay
To face the dogs at close quarters
To face one's pursuers

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forced to confront one's attackers or pursuers; cornered

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at bay
: in the position of being unable to move closer while attacking or trying to approach someone
— used with keep or hold

The soldiers kept the attackers at bay. [=they did not allow the attackers to come closer]

Armed with a gun, he held the police at bay [=he did not allow the police to arrest him] for 10 hours.

— often used figuratively

Although the doctors had been able to keep her illness at bay [=to prevent her illness from becoming worse] for a few months, the disease soon began to spread again.

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Main Entry:bay

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at ˈbay idiom
when an animal that is being hunted is at bay, it must turn and face the dogs and ↑hunters because it is impossible to escape from them
Main entry:bayidiom

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